Meet the Owners

Married only two years, owners of Finders’ Keepers, LLC, Frank and Laurna turned their shared interests in treasure hunting into owning their own resale retail store, an idea that grew from their experiences on their most recent 9,000-mile search for treasure that took them all the way to Key Largo! When they met in 2012, they learned they both grew up with the desire to find a treasure chest and play in the bounty such legends describe. They even had a treasure chest wedding cake!

Laurna and Frank Leto

Both area residents for more than 25 years, they are pleased with their efforts to assimilate into the successful local business arena while making their best effort to positively impact the needs of the nonprofit community.

Frank and Laurna enjoy the frequent assistance of their grandchildren, Lilyana, 13, and Risueno, 9, who are new to the art of treasure hunting, as well as the skilled assistance of Robert’s daughter Carrie Ann, 11, and son Luke, 9, who have become seasoned pros in the world of contemporary collectibles from years of tutelage from dad who specializes in coins, comics, trading cards, memorabilia, equipment and so many other eclectic interests.

The team at Finders’ Keepers Treasure Chests invites you to spend time amidst the unique and surprising world of high-end collectibles, eclectic jewelry and distinctive art. They are just a contact away from assisting you in the greatest gain from your treasures.