Frank and Laurna Leto share a vision of a new approach to resale retail called Treasure Chests & Auctions.  Specializing in contemporary collectibles, eclectic jewelry and distinctive art, each custom-made cabinet in their shop is considered a treasure chest created by these two treasure hunters for treasure hunters, as they consider their valued patrons to be.

The Letos rely on local sales opportunities, including estate sales, resale shops and independent sellers. “We are fortunate to be part of a business community in an area burgeoning with some of the finest  treasures,” Laurna believes.  “Constantly refreshing inventory with the latest finds creates that ‘new-to-you’ excitement our patrons enjoy.  We no longer attend out-of-county auctions or travel to treasure hunt.  At the peak of the season, Frank and I have enjoyed more than 100 sales a weekend,  purchasing items from the collections of local residents.   The savings by buying local is one way we try to working  smarter to stock our treasure chests with the very best we can find.”

“Our business is based on integrity, shared knowledge and professionalism, whether it is among the members of our team or in our relationships with our customers,” Frank said.  Exchange of information and goodwill are important to the energy we all enjoy.” After their frequent hunts for treasure,  hours are spent researching fair pricing and the latest information on the collectibles market. The Letos invite interested collectors and sellers to exchange information for shared enlightenment. Should a patron wish to part with all or some of their items, the Letos also refer sellers to a local network of professionals to assist them.

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